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Thank you for taking the survey on the long-range goals for the transportation system in the Greater Golden Horseshoe. The survey is now closed. Your input will be used to update and finalize the goals and objectives for the GGH Transportation Plan.

About the Study

Study Area

The Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH) is the urban region centred around the City of Toronto, located at the western end of Lake Ontario. It stretches north to Georgian Bay and south to Lake Erie. Home to 9 million people and 4.5 million jobs, the GGH is the economic engine of Ontario and one of the fastest growing regions in North America.

Ready for the Future

The GGH Transportation Plan will consider emerging mobility models and technologies such as automated vehicles, connected vehicles and mobility-as-a-service platforms and how these will change the way people and goods move around the region.

Time Horizon

The GGH Transportation Plan is a long-term planning initiative. It will include a new 2051 Transportation System Plan and supporting policies, as well as a long term transportation vision for the year 2071.

System Approach

The GGH Transportation Plan will consider a range of transportation options including trucks, cars, transit, railways, cycling and walking. The benefit of a system plan is that it can help to identify how the various components of the transportation system can be integrated so that they work together to provide improved mobility and transportation choice for people and goods within the GGH.

The foundation for the study was developed by identifying existing conditions, trends and outlooks that will influence the transportation needs of the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH) over the long-term.

To help understand volatile and uncertain changes that may impact the region over the next 50 years a Horizon Scan was prepared, and five very long range distinct scenarios were assessed. This will help understand how the transportation system may need to perform in the future.

Building on this analysis, together with a set of long range goals and objectives, and existing plans and aspirations of the province and our partners, a long-term vision for 2071+ will be prepared. The vision will guide development of the GGH transportation plan.

Using an up-to-date modeling tool based on existing and committed transportation investments by all providers, technical analysis will identify current gaps and opportunities. Options for a 2051 transportation system will be developed and evaluated. A recommended transportation system and associated policies will be developed, to achieve the long-term vision.

The final GGH Transportation Plan will contain the following major components:

  • 2051 optimal transportation system with supporting policies and priorities; and
  • 2071 long-term goals and objectives, vision and aspirational strategies.

Overall Study Process

Where are we in the process

Three foundational profiles have been compiled with executive summaries posted. A Horizon Scan has been carried out to identify transformational shifts. The study team is analyzing how these shifts might impact transportation in the GGH 50 years from today. MTO is now seeking your input on a list of draft long-range goals and objectives. Your input is important and will help shape the future transportation system in the GGH, as illustrated below.

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GGH Transportation Plan - How we develop it diagram


There will be Indigenous, public and stakeholder engagement opportunities throughout the study process.

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Study Materials

The following materials have been prepared as part of the GGH Transportation Plan.

Socio-Economic Profile
An overview of the trends and forecasts for population, economy, and land uses in the GGH.
Executive Summary
Full Report
Transportation Profile
An overview of the GGH transportation system today and how it evolved, current conditions for moving people and goods, factors that are influencing how the transportation system functions, and key outlooks that will affect transportation in the future.
Executive Summary
Full Report
Environmental Profile
An overview of existing environmental conditions in the GGH, including the natural heritage, water resource and agricultural systems, air quality, and trends and forecasts related to climate change.
Executive Summary
Full Report
Draft Goals and Objectives
The draft long range Goals and Objectives for the plan can be downloaded here as a PDF. To provide feedback on the draft Goals and Objectives, take the online survey by clicking the link at the top of this page.
Draft Goals and Objectives


If any information is required in an accessible format, contact contact@gghtransport2051.ca
or 1(800) 409 – 7394